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Have you ever wondered why we need supplements?

Have you ever wondered why we need supplements?

"Leave your drugs in the chemist pot of you heal with patient with food," by Hippocrates, Father of medicine. Many books are written on the term food as medicine. Hippocrates believed that eating wholesome food is the basis of healthy living.

As we know, plenty of theories and books were written in the early 1900s on food as medicine. However, food today has become far less nutritious than it used to be due to environmental changes. Crops grown and distributed in the '20s are far less healthy than how it used to be 90's or before.

The illustration above shows a real situation involving our crops today. The crops established in the 1900s were much more nutrient-dense compared to the crops we harvest today? Due to soil nutrient deficiency and other human activities, the nutritional profile of crops grown today is less nutritious.

Apart from that, nutrient loss happens in many stages and processes, such as harvesting, cooking, fertilization, packing, and transportation, which then sums up to 50% of the total nutrient loss in plants/vegetables.

Thus, how do we replace the nutrient loss in food? How can we provide ourselves with all the needed nutrients?

These questions should be at the top of our minds!

With so many factors beyond our control, it's essential to make the right choice when choosing how to balance nutrients and to compensate for the nutrients we have been missing.

Dietary supplements can plug the nutritional gaps and replace the missing nutrients in our diet.

Remember, "Supplements should not replace our diet but help to bridge the gaps of missing nutrients for us to have a well-balanced nutritional profile.


Top 5 reasons why a supplement is essential. 

1. To fill the nutritional gap

As explained above, missing nutrients is unavoidable. People would not be able to achieve the right amount of significant nutrients recommended by taking food alone. The majority of the people fail to meet this dietary recommendation caused by poor appetite, changing nutritional needs, or strict dieting. Therefore, taking supplements will fill the nutritional gap to maintain a proper balance of nutrients from food and supplements.


2. Poor eating habits

Erratic eating habits, eating processed junk food, and stress contribute to poor digestion, making it difficult for our bodies to extract all the nutrients it needs from food.


3. Aging 

As we age, we produce less hydrochloric acid in our stomach, and digestive enzymes production goes down. This results in us being unable to break down our food as well and absorb nutrients.


4. Exercise increases the need for nutrients. 

Athletes require a lot of energy and nutrients to stay in shape. As you exercise, your body uses up the energy and nutrients that have been stored in your body.

Which supplement is the best?

I am pretty sure you ever stood in the vitamin and supplement aisle and felt overwhelmed by the rows of bottles claiming to help with every malady. The most suggested supplements over the counter will be calcium, vitamin D, fish oil, probiotics, magnesium, iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin A.   

The truth is, to get all the supplements at once, it is going to cost us a fortune. 

 What if there is a supplement that can save our money? 

What if there is a supplement that can provide us all the benefits? 

What if you can get a supplement with more than 75 types of nutrients?

We would say it's Crypto PPARs! PPAR is a protein that binds DNA to enhance the gene; in other words, the production of other vital proteins. PPARs perform different metabolisms, such as glucose homeostasis, cholesterol metabolism, and oxidation of fatty acids, insulin sensitivity, and adipocyte differentiation.

Top four benefits of PPARs Supplement

PPARs have become one of the most sought after supplements due to the following benefits. 

1. Regulate blood glucose level 

PPARy increases fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF-21), a protein in mammals beneficial to insulin sensitivity and glucose in the blood. Shortly, PPARs act as a key to facilitating insulin and insulin secretion's sensitivity, reducing the glucose in the blood. This will reduce the chance of getting diabetes and act as a controller for a diabetic patient. 

2. Anti-inflammation

PPARs also acts as an anti-inflammatory. The PPAR- α reduces pain and inflammation and further prevents various pro-inflammatory and antigenic enzymes. Next, PPAR-y has been different in pro-inflammatory and antigenic enzymes. Moreover, PPAR y has been recognized in contributing significantly to the immune response through its ability to avoid the expression of inflammatory cytokines and directing various immune cells toward anti-inflammatory phenotypes. 

3. Reduce obesity and heart disease 

The prevalence of obesity and related metabolic disorders is rising rapidly, increasing our healthcare system's burden. Obesity is often accompanied by excess fat storage in tissues other than adipose tissue, including liver and skeletal muscle, leading to local insulin resistance and may stimulate inflammation, as in steatohepatitis. As mentioned, PPARs are key regulators of fatty acid and lipoprotein digestion. PPARs will activate fatty acid catabolism and take part in controlling the assembly of lipoprotein. PPAR plays a pivotal role in fatty acid catabolism by upregulating the expression of numerous genes involved in mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation, peroxisome fatty acid oxidation, and countless other aspects of fatty acid metabolism in the cell.

4. Anti-aging


The crypto growth factor in Crypto PPARs contains the highest nucleic acid content: DNA and RNA. Food rich with nucleic acids is known to have anti-aging properties. The CGF benefits in cellular repair and regeneration protect the body from harmful radicals, rejuvenating the cell, boost tissue growth, and a great anti-aging property. Thus, it makes our cells healthy, keeps the skin glowing, and gives a younger feeling look. Moreover, crypto PPARs consist of the full spectrum of alpha (α), beta (β), and gamma (γ) PPARs.

As for the skin, PPARs also aid in cellular proliferation and differentiation in which the skin replacement is enhanced though it keeps the skin fresh, less patchy, or flaky and reduces inflammation. Since aging does also contribute to other diseases and health problems as we get older, Crypto PPARs can be a 2 in 1 solution where it can help for skin appearance and health problems. Crypto PPARs is a genetic-based product, and since there are views that gene changes cause aging, it can also be a solution. Moreover, it is 100% natural and organic with no additives and chemical compounds.

In conclusion, to sum up, everything PPARs are indeed a useful supplement for all age categories and everything. PPARs regulate and remove the mutated cells and alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, cancer treatment, and medication effects. The nutrient content in Crypto PPARs is impeccable. It contains more than 75 nutrients in total. We all know that we need to nourish our bodies to keep it as healthy as possible. But are we getting enough nutrients for our body just by eating foods and consuming supplements? Could you benefit more than consuming vitamin C, vitamin D, and multivitamin or from taking only one type of supplement such as Crypto PPARs?

Thus, for the 21st century, Crypto PPARs is a "MUST HAVE PRODUCT"!

All About FREE

All About FREE

"FREE" is the latest product by Crypto PPARs. When the world moves too fast towards the modernized world, various gadgets and technology come along. Along the way, various diseases and sickness also arise. Over the years, we received multiple cases of skin diseases and infertility. People with psoriasis, eczema, and rashes were the most. Thus, we did a study and realized that the product we put on our skin does lead to the rise of skin diseases such as soaps, shower gels, lotions, and more. The ingredients added into the products were mostly chemicals and got glycerin ripped off the soap mostly. Thus, upon providing a solution for this issue, we came up with a handmade cold process soap incorporated with our own Crypto PPARs Extract Powder. 


1. Our soaps are truly natural handmade soaps.

2. Cold process method allows us to customize every single ingredient as we need. We customize our soap from scratch, choosing the best oils and fragrances. We focus on the benefits, which is on conditioningmoisturizing, and cleansing.

3. We use high-quality essential oils instead of fragrance oils. Essential oils are costly on markets compared to fragrance oil. Know the difference! Essential oil is a steam-distilled pure plant extract used for scenting, flavoring, or healing applications. Fragrance oils are synthetically scented and not natural.

4. Since we use the cold process method, it takes about 4-6 weeks to cure. Thus, our soap takes about six weeks to be ready to use. Well, it's worth to wait we guess; good things take time!

5. Most uniquely, we decided to add Crypto PPARs extract powder into our soap.

Crypto PPARs is a naturally occurring green alga that benefits your health in many ways. It is often taken as a dietary supplement as a powder or tablet. It nourishes our bodies in and out. Did you know that Crypto PPARs are also good for the skin? You can typically apply it to your skin. It boosts overall health and radiant the appearance of your skin. Crypto PPARs decrease inflammation, tones the skin, and regenerates the cell by shedding dead skin cells. It has plenty of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which benefits the skin in various ways. It contains more than 75 types of nutrients in total. Each nutrient benefits your skin in various ways, leaving radiant and glowy skin.

6. We emphasize providing skincare for all skin conditions, especially eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, inflamed skin, acne, oil, itchy skin, and diabetic feet.

7. All of our soaps are done in small badges to maintain the ingredient's effectiveness and quality until the results.

Every ingredient added to FREE is natural and customized according to its functions and benefits. We customized every ingredient by envisioning three main benefits: conditioningmoisturizing, and cleansing.

Most handmade soaps are only tested for PH value, which is pretty standard. Yet, we went a step ahead to prove the nutrient's existence in our soaps, making it effective for the skin. We tested our soap for microbes to ensure its safe and nutrient test, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and heavy metal tests. We make sure the soap is suitable for all skin and safe to use. 





PPARs and Gout

Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis. Arthritis is a common condition that causes swelling and pain in your joints. It is considered a chronic disease and does not happen once and will usually last your whole life.

Gout usually occurs sudden with no pre-symptoms, sometimes attacks severely which called flares or flare-ups. During the gout occurrence or gout attack, it accompanied by extreme pain, swelling and redness in your joints. Gout attack often happens in the big toe but can affect any your body joints like your knees, elbow, hands or ankles. It is extremely painful and sometimes hard to control, which can be either acute or chronic.

 Differences between acute gout and chronic gout

Acute Gout

  • Symptoms only felt during attacks.
  • Commonly 1 -3 joints are affected.
  • Attacks may last for days to week.

Chronic Gout

  • More than one joints is affected and will have more than 2 attacks per year.
  • Chronic gout can lead to permanent joint stiffness, deformity and damage.
  • Attacks usually happens with short period of time. Attacks might one after another and no breaks/symptoms in between.

Causes of Gout
Gout causes are usually due to the buildup of uric acid in your blood from the breakdown of purines. Certain conditions, such as blood and metabolism disorders or dehydration also makes our body to produce more uric acid. Diets is also associated with gout.

A kidney or thyroid problem, or an inherited disorder, can make it harder for your body to remove excess uric acid.

  • Middle aged man or post-menopausal woman
  • Genetics
  • Eat too much purine-rich foods, such as red meats, fish, mushroom, organ meats’
  • Alcohols
  • Medications
  • Conditions such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetics, or sleep apnea.

The accumulation of sodium urate crystals within joints leads to gout. The accumulations of uric acid crystals in the joints cause flare-ups and painful inflammation in and around the joints. Typical gout symptoms include intense joint pain, lingering discomfort, swelling, redness, and reduced movement. There are high chances of gout developing into other complication like hyperuricemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary disease, diabetes, kidney stone and hardening of arteries of coronary heart disease.



What exactly causes high uric acid in our body?

What exactly causes high uric acid in our body?

Uric acid is a natural waste product from the digestion of foods that contain purines. Purines are found in high levels in some foods such as:

  • certain meats
  • sardines
  • dried beans
  • beer
  • Alcohol
  • Shellfish
  • Organ meats (liver)

Purines are also formed and broken down in your body. Normally, your body filters out uric acid through your kidneys and in urine. If you consume too much purine in your diet, or if your body can’t get rid of this by-product fast enough, uric acid can build up in your blood.

Uric acid can collect in your body for many reasons. Some of these are:

  • diet
  • genetics
  • obesity or being overweight
  • stress

Besides taking in too much high purine foods, it can be also caused of excretion disorder of uric acid. Normally, uric acid passes through liver, and enters bloodstream. Most of it is excreted out of the body through urine or intestines. However, when body cannot function regularly upon excreting uric acid out the body, its results in accumulation of uric acids and leads to gout.


Treatment for gout involves medication. Gout medications can be used to treat acute attacks and prevent future attacks. Medications can also reduce your risk of complications from gout, such as the development of tophi from urate crystals deposits.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Medications are often the most effective way to treat acute gout and can prevent recurrent attacks of gout. However, making certain lifestyle changes also are important such as:

  1. Limiting alcoholic beverages and drinks sweetened with fruit sugar (fructose)
  2. Limiting intake of foods high in purines, such as red meat, organ meat and seafood.
  3. Exercising regularly and losing weight. Keeping your body at a healthy weight leaves your risk of gout.


Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors are a subgroup of nuclear hormone. As for Crypto PPAR, we have 3 bio-organic component known as PPAR y, PPAR B, and PPAR a.

PPARs known to be effectively treat lupus, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Especially in reliving acute pain and inflammation.

PPARs has anti-inflammatory properties and effective in inhibiting inflammatory mediators. It works fine in relieving in gout pain and also reduces the swollen toe. The three PPARs receptors are-ligand activated transcription factors belonging to the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily.

PPAR-gamma are effective in treating inflammation. It decreases the inflammatory response of many cardiovascular cells, particularly endothelial cells. PPAR-y has been recognized as playing a fundamental important role in the immune response through its ability to inhibit the expression of inflammatory cytokines and to direct the differentiation of immune cells towards anti-inflammatory phenotypes.

There are findings highlight the genetic impact on the clinical expression of the gouty arthritis phenotype, including arthritis phenotype, including arthritis flares frequently associated with dietary excesses. The nutritional biosensor PPAR-y is a ligand-dependent nuclear receptor and transcription factor that regulates insulin sensitivity, adipocyte differentiation, and glucose homeostasis.

Reactions after consuming Crypto PPARs for Gout

1. The PPARs Gamma in Crypto PPARs aids in the reduction of gout inflammation and pain.

2. Reduction in swollen areas.

3. Might have slight pain in the beginning due to the healing crisis. The body needs to adjust along with the Crypto PPARs reaction. Body aches will start reducing, and swollen toe will reside along the way.

4. Prevent future flare-up.

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