Collection: Crypto PPARs Powder Extract Capsule

The Crypto PPARs Extracts Powder is the extraction from the nucleus of the chlorella cells through 100% natural process by using unique hydro pressure. 

Same as its predecessor the liquid extracts, the only difference between the two is that one is living and active while the powder is in passive form through spray drying process to preserved its active bio-ingredients. Carrying the same essential component like DNA, RNA, Nucleotide, S-Peptide, Peptide, C.G.F & PPARs. 

Widely use for general health purpose, acceleration of metabolic, for gout & uric acid and etc. 


Crypto Extract Capsule is the dried form of liquid extract. Crypto Extract Capsule contains 100% Cryptomonadales DNA, RNA, Crypto Growth Factor, PPARs, S-nucleotides and peptides.

Same with all other Crypto PPARs products, Crypto Extract also contains no sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives substances or other chemical additives

Crypto Extract are consumed 3 capsules per day. In its box there are 30 capsules of Crypto Extract 350mg per capsules



  • Rejuvenates cells
  • Speed up the healing process of damaged body tissues
  • Increase energy at the cell level
  • Improve liver and kidney function
  • Strengthens the circulatory system
  • Increase metabolism and body functions