Certificates and Awards

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This page contains the certifications and recognitions received by Crypto PPARs

 Crypto PPARs has obtained 3 Health Food Certificates recognized by Taiwan Health Industry.






Certificate of health food from Taiwan government ROC (No.A000666) with verification, capable of:

  • Lowering blood glucose
  • Lowering cholesterol level (LDL)
  • Lowering triglyceride level (TG)

HALAL Food Certificate

Crypto PPARs has also obtained its HALAL CERTIFICATE which ensures the features and quality of the products according to the rules established by the Islamic Council that allow the use of the mark Halal.

  • Halal Certificate From Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association
  • Certified By Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)
  • Approved By Ministry Of Health Malaysia (MOH)



 Crypto PPARs has also won the prestigious Malaysia Health and Wellness Brand Award 2017.

Organized by Sin Chew Daily and Life magazines and supported by the Ministry of Health, the award be stoned to brands that have made commitment to improve the health and wellness of consumers.

This award affirms Crypto PPARs continued commitment to develop innovative products that will enrich lives of life of its consumers. Apart from enhancing company’s reputation, it also establishes Crypto PPARs as one of the foremost leaders in industry.