Surprising truth about Spirulina!

Surprising truth about Spirulina!


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Opting for the right supplemental product can be crucial nowadays, especially when there are various supplements, wellness products, or herbs out there with various listed benefits and numerous ingredients. Well, moving forward to the discussion of healthcare, where Spirulina and Crypto-PPARs are becoming well-known to the world and known as Superfoods.

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Superfood is a classification used to describe food that is very high in phytochemicals. These foods tend to be extraordinarily high in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, and they are known for their disease-fighting properties. Granted, both are incredibly good that can benefit anyone who takes them yet, “How does Spirulina differ from Crypto-PPARs”?

Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae that people been consuming for centuries due to its high nutritional value and health benefits. Today famous identities embrace Spirulina as a secret, powerful “superfood” and “wonder from the ocean’. Spirulina sounds so much better than “pond scum’, but that’s what popular supplement is - a type of algae that grows naturally in oceans and salty lakes in subtropical climates.

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Spirulina has no true nucleus and categorized in the cyanobacteria group. Spirulina has 55-75% protein more than beef, chicken and soya beans, 8 essential and 10 non-essential amino acids, as well as high levels of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), beta carotene, and essential minerals needed by the body. It is believed to provide a wide range of health benefits. Spirulina- a natural detoxifier, cleanser, detoxifies the blood and cleanses the body from other impurities that may cause illness or complications.

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Furthermore, it is also known as a natural appetite suppressant, and it helps to improve the body’s digestive system. It also has potent antioxidant properties that help to combat cells, DNA damages that lead to cancer. It helps to balance the body’s pH, thereby reducing inflammation throughout the body in a safe and chemical-free way.

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Moving to Crypto-PPARs, a genetic-based supplement. It has a true nucleus where it can be a significant difference when it comes to promoting health benefits. It is the most superior species of Chlorella Sorokiniana (W87-10). Moreover, the vital component in Crypto PPARs is Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) is the part found within the nucleus, and it is incredibly concentrated in the nucleic acids, RNA, and DNA, which are essential to help your cells repair and regenerate. CGF allows multiple growth of cells by a factor of 4 every 20-24. This remarkable property of the Chlorella Growth Factor translates to our cells when we ingest Crypto PPARs, thereby promoting cellular repair and regeneration.

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Crypto PPARs contain 65% protein with up to 95% digestibility rate, comparing to eating a chicken where it only provides 24% protein and 20% digestibility rate. It also has almost 22 times biotin than an egg and 3 times more Vitamin E than wheat germ. Besides. Crypto PPARs have readily bioavailable of vitamin B12, where it’s easily absorbable compared to Spirulina, which has an inferior absorbable form of vitamin B12. It also contains almost 30 times zinc than a cup of cooked spinach and high levels of phosphorus, where it aids in the formation of bones and teeth. Crypto-PPARs has the optimal combination of saturated fatty acid, monounsaturated fatty acids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids at the ratio of 0.8:1.5:1.0, as commanded by the American Nutrition Association. Most importantly, Crypto-PPARs is rich in chlorophyll and provitamins.

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Yet, with all benefits listed, according to the National Institute of Health, there is not enough scientific evidence to determine if Spirulina is effective in treating any health conditions. Despite presumed benefits of taking extra antioxidants, extensive research has not shown taking antioxidants lowers cancer risk, according to the National cancer institute. Then which is the right option? Crypto-PPARs, which is an evidence-based product with more than 100 000 medical journal written. “Most promising molecular properties discovered in healthcare for the 21st century”, said Prof Dr. Henry Lee, Chief CSI Expert from the University of New Haven in the USA.

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Crypto-PPARs is the world’s first superfood with valuable components like Phycocyanin and full spectrum of PPARs agonists (alpha, beta, and gamma), both of which represent the most promising essential nutrition for the 21st century. It is 100% non-additive and chemical-free during the tableting process. Besides, it has a therapeutic claim from various National Health institutions from other countries. 

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