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The Future of food: Choose your algae!


Various speculations are going on lately, with algae being the future food. Algae is also known as a possible solution to solve the world hunger problem. It is used as a way to combat malnutrition in developing countries.  Furthermore, organizations are encouraging developing countries to grow their algae as local productions to maintain their sustainability. Believe it or not, freshwater algae are high nutrition-packed super foods. Algae have been the new era of nutritional product. As more consumers look for plant-based and vegan products, algae have emerged as potent, sustainable sources of dietary compounds.





Following that, if you’ve done some research on algae, two common algae would have appeared. Spirulina and Chlorella. Move over Spirulina and Chlorella! There are many other different types of algae that have more benefits compared to these. It is all about getting the right solution. Some prefer opting for natural supplementation instead of synthetic supplements. Some prefer whole food and not supplements.
Moreover, there are various research studies on algae as an alternative source of functional foods, nutraceutical, and food supplements. Yet, which is the best replacement?





Countless websites are addressing Spirulina and Chlorella. They talk on their health benefits, nutrition facts, and way of incorporating it into our diet. Yet, there are very few studies that prove their efficacy in treating diseases. Moreover, some studies reveal that Spirulina might contain toxins and have side effects. 





What if there is an algae with its component being efficacy in diseases and illness? What if there is an algae studied with 36 critical illnesses, including cancer as well? Let me talk on Crypto PPARs, patented algae from the genus of Chlorella sorokiniana W87-10. It is the only algae with all three natural PPARs, PPAR alpha, PPAR beta, and PPAR gamma. What is PPARs? Why is it so important? PPARs stand for Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs), a ligand-activated transcription factor that belongs to the nuclear hormone receptor.

Did I lose you? Pardon me. Let me get you back on track! As a vitamin role in the 20th Century, PPARs represent the most critical biomedical molecules in the 21st century. They have three isoforms, which are alpha, beta, and gamma. They exhibit a broad spectrum of transcriptional functions for lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism, anti-inflammation, immunoregulation, and cell differentiation (cancer). PPAR gamma developed by Takeda and GSK Pharmaceutics to treat metabolic syndrome. The metabolic syndrome includes diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and hypertension. Thus, it’s proven to regulate blood pressure and to reduce triglycerides, blood glucose, and cholesterol.  Crypto PPARs has more than 75 types of vitamins and minerals in which it represents all the multivitamins that we stack up in our cabinets. What if there is one supplement equals to all the other multivitamins? Why many when you can have that one with all the benefits?



Astonishing? There is more! Many look forward to the purpose of detoxing. We consume plenty of fruits, drinking water diffused with lemons and cucumber, opt for vegan diet, yet at the end of the day, almost nothing works. What about getting a product with high chlorophyll content? In which it aids in detoxification, regulates our bowel movement, and increases our energy levels. A day without coffee! A day without putting on your deodorant! Definitely yes with Crypto PPARs. 



It is also an ideal supplement for children. Children tend to skip vegetables more often, and It leads to malnourishment. Parents are more worried about providing kids the right supplement. Worry no more! Crypto PPARs is a multivitamin, an excellent source of nutrients that is safe for children and incorporated into their diet. Moreover, it’s always crucial to keep up with all the healthy diets and healthy eating plans. Yet, an alternative food source needed to compensate for all the nutrient loss. Crypto PPARs is the best choice! 


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