Crypto PPARs on the effects of Alzheimer's

Crypto PPARs on the effects of Alzheimer's

  • What is Alzheimer's?
  • The Cause of Alzheimer's
  • Inflammation in Alzheimer's
  • The Super Algae

What is Alzheimer's?

Before we look at how PPARs might alleviate and possibly prevent Alzheimer's disease, we must first understand the disease and how it would affect us

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a degenerative neurological disease, in which the patient's condition worsens over time. Breaking down parts of the brain that control thinking, memory and language. It begins as symptoms such as mild memory loss and may lead to loss of the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to the environment. 


The Cause and Effects of Alzheimer's

A more deeper look into the disease

Very subtle changes take place in the brain long before the first signs of memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease appear. Researchers believe that brain damage begins a decade or more before the first signs appear. 


“During preclinical stages of Alzheimer’s disease, people seem to be symptom-free, but toxic changes are taking place in the brain,”

- National Institute of Aging


These abnormalities in the brain are caused by accumulation of 2 specific proteins in neurons. One of these abnormalities is directly related to a genetic mutation, namely an extra copy of chromosome 21, which was responsible for the production of amyloid precursor proteins in the body.

Of concern is that these proteins then break down into amyloid beta proteins, which attach to other amyloid-B proteins and form hard, insoluble plaques between cells.

Normally, a healthy brain would clear the accumulation of excess amyloid B proteins. However, in the case of an Alzheimer's patient, the brain is unable to eliminate excess amyloid-B in the brain. Forming hard plaques around nerve cells while causing blockages in brain blood vessels, interfering with blood circulation.

Tau proteins, which help maintain the part of neurons that supply nutrients to other cells in the brain, would become chemically sticky and tangle with each other. This compromises the supply network and eventually starves the brain cells.


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All of these factors would inevitably lead to significant brain shrinkage, typically starting with the hippocampus, an important part of the brain known for its vital role in learning and memory. As the disease ravages in its path of neurological destruction in the affected regions of the brain, a process of inflammation soon follows suit. 

Inflammation in Alzheimer's



A scientific journal named the Neurobiology of Aging published by Elsevier has confirmed, that neuroinflammation in AD is directly caused by the Amyloid plaques in the brain being colonized by abundant activated microglia and astrocytes. Which are Glial cells, crucial in clearing Amyloid plaques.



But in Alzheimer's, as toxic amyloid species accumulate and tau pathology builds up in stressed or damaged neurons, induces microglia into a nonconstructive and inflammatory state. In which they eat synapses while secreting neurotoxic cytokines and chemokines that injure neurons and abet in the spread of tau pathology.

Worsening and accelerating the progression of AD and the resulting loss of neurons.

Now that we understand the problems imposed by Alzheimer's on people. What if I tell you that Crypto PPARs have the abilities actually to prevent all the other diseases as well?

The Super Algae


PPARs are expressed by all organs of our body to stay healthy and play an important role in regulating every inch of our body. Eliminating toxins at the cellular level to keep us healthy.

In modern times, we ingest toxins every day without knowing it, and they find ways to enter our cells and cause long-term health problems. Which is also one of a few root causes for the sudden development of Alzheimer's disease in a person.



Crypto PPARs is thought to be miraculous in solving multiple diseases in the body. Ranging from skin diseases to serious brain diseases like AD.

Possessing all 3 PPAR agonist isoforms such as PPAR alphaPPAR beta, and PPAR gamma. These are the most essential biochemical components for homeostasis of the body and are considered the most significant biochemical discovery of the 21st century.

Improving the conditions of AD by easing and regulate inflammation with the release of PPARs gamma and preventing neuronal cell death. While reducing the risk and delays the onset of AD. Which were backed by key data from a study published on the Journal of NeuroScience, as well as the effects of PPARs on Alzheimer's published on Hindawi.








Furthermore, Crypto PPARs is certified with three main recognition, such as lowering blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein levels and improves immune response.

In addition, it contains more than 90 types of vitamins and minerals, which is equal to the number of multivitamins we have in our cupboards. Defining it as not only a great catalyst for regulating internal health but also a very nutritious natural supplement. Making it the ideal supplement for people of all ages. 

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