A little Q&A on Crypto PPARs Part 2

A little Q&A on Crypto PPARs Part 2

1. Can Crypto PPARs delay my menopause as I am trying to get pregnant?

We have received numerous questions on this. Thus, we would like to explain a little about menopause. Medically speaking, menopause means you haven't had a period for at least 12 months in a row. The transition from having regular or irregular periods to having none can take much longer than a year. While genetics play a significant role in determining the age when menopause starts, scientists think your diet, exercise habits, socioeconomic status, and other lifestyle factors may also be influential.

We wouldn't give out a hoax hope by saying our product can delay menopause. It's best to seek gynecology advice in case of menopause worries. You can always get back to us in case of infertility, and we can recommend you a suitable product after going through the doctor's report and advice. 


2. I am having an infertility issue. What product do you recommend?

As for infertility issues, first, we would require your medical report or the latest report given by the gynecologist to know the reasons for infertility. As for infertility or any medical issues related to infertility, we recommend the Crypto PPARs Soft Gel Capsule. The Crypto PPARs Soft Gel Capsule contains natural PPARs agonist, α-linolenic acid, and wheat oil. 


3. Can I consume liquid extract for regular supplementation?

Crypto Liquid Extracts Plus is the most potent of all Crypto PPARs range of products. We usually recommend Crypto PPARs Extract Liquid for cancer patients, critical illnesses, or patients undergoing chemotherapy. It contains a high concentration of D.N.A., R.N.A., Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.), and PPARs. Cells of the human body require food to help activate the cell core to work up and regenerate. D.N.A. and R.N.A. that is cell food produced by PPARs. 

Answer to the question, yes! You can consume liquid for regular supplementation. Crypto PPARs liquid packed in 10 vials measuring 12mL. Crypto PPARs consumed before a meal (1 bottle per day for adults and half bottle per day for children; requirement varies depending on health conditions) should be consumed immediately after opening. 


4. Can my children consume Crypto PPARs? and What's the dosage?

Yes, children can consume Crypto PPARs for regular supplementation purposes. 


1-year-old - 1 tablet (3 times/day) BEFORE meal

2-year-old - 2 tablets (3 times/day) BEFORE meal

3-year-old - 3 tablets (3 times/day) BEFORE meal

4 years old - 4 tablets (3 times/day) BEFORE meal

5 years old - 5 tablets (3 times/day) BEFORE meal

*with the same sequence until for the rest age

15 years old - 15 tablets (3 times/day) BEFORE meal 

Remember to crush the tablet into powder and mix it into milk for babies and younger kids. 


5. Can I consume Crypto PPARs for anti-aging?

Before answering this question, do know that Lifestyle factors that can speed the pace of aging skin include smoking, alcohol, eating habits, and sun exposure. Crypto PPARs are suitable for overall health benefits, but we wouldn't specify anti-aging alone. The anti-aging purpose is very subjective as it does not only depend on supplements alone. 


6. Can I consume Crypto PPARs products when I am pregnant? 

We know Crypto PPARs are efficiently suitable for everyone's consumption. However, we do not recommend it for a pregnant woman (unless you consume Crypto PPARs even before getting pregnant). If you have been in Crypto PPARs for a long term, you may continue during pregnancy, but if you're a new customer, we do not advise on consumption. There will be many changes happening during pregnancy, and the body will be in a different state. Thus, it is not advisable to consume Crypto PPARs. In case after giving birth, then you may consume Crypto PPARs to boost breastmilk production. 

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