Skin Conditions

A testimony section dedicated to those who suffered skin conditions, whose conditions had improved with the use of Crypto PPARs.


Skin Disorder

Name : Catherine Wee

Age : 27

Sex : Female

I had been suffering from skin disorder for the last 2 years. Both my palms had been subjected to chronic irritation causing a watery condition with peeling and bleeding of the skin. All these conditions caused my fingers to swell with tremendous pain. In the year 2000, my doctor gave me 3 times injections of Steroid to minimize the pain but he told me to prepare for the worst, as my condition was very unlikely to heal. Hence, I was devastated and prepared to face a bleak future. In May 2001, I was introduced to Crypto . I took at least 40 tablets everyday and i noticed my left palm improving tremendously after 3 months and subsequently my right palm after 6 months. Before this, I was not able to have direct contact with washing detergents but after taking Crypto, I do not face any more such problems. Now, I can even enjoy seafood. Crypto is fantastic! It has solved and ended my 2-year depression. Thank You Crypto! I have to convey this wonderful news to other people.


Skin Problem

Name : Chai Tek Ling

Age : 40

Sex : Female

I incurred a second-degree burn on 30% of my skin in an incident in Oct 1999. Since then, my skin had been always itchy and I had difficulties sleeping at night which made me irritated day and night. I started consuming Crypto on 23 April 2002. Within 2 weeks my skin stopped itching and I could go to sleep by 10.00pm instead of 3 to 4a.m. before. I believe that Crypto with full nutrients could nourish all my tissues, cells and also restore all my body's functions. Today, I don't feel tired easily and my skin has begun to be repaired by growth of new tissues. That's really great. Now, I'm glad to share my experience with anybody, hoping to bring him or her to a healthy and happy life.


Skin Disorder

Name : Mustafah Bin Samion

Age : 53

Sex : Male

My name is Mustafah Bin Samion. I’m 53 years old and I’m from Kelantan. I was suffering from skin disorder for the last 6 years. My hands and legs were subjected to chronic irritation causing watery condition, peeling and itchiness. Everyday, after coming home from work, my skin would feel very itchy and it would cause me to scratch my skin until it bled. Every 3 months, I would go to see the dermatologist but there was no improvement. On the 26th January 2004, I was introduced to Crypto. After one and a half months, I noticed that my skin had improved a lot. It’s amazing! Now, I am glad to share my experiences with anybody and hopefully, I can bring them a healthier and happier life.



Name : Sophia Yong

Age : 43

Sex : Female

I started taking all the above products for health wellness as I am a "health freak". After taking the products for 2 months, my skin texture has improved a lot. My regular beautician was so impressed that she herself is now also taking Crypto and Crypto Soft Gel. Crypto have balanced my hormones and I have benefited from them very much. My menses have become regular, my skin glows and I am very alert and energetic now even when I have less hours of sleep than usual. However in March 2004, during a routine medical check-up, my doctor detected a lump in my left breast. Immediately, I went to a hospital for image scanning and was detected to have 2 well-defined solid lesions in my left breast and another 2 more in my right breast. I was very upset and was recommended for surgery to remove the lumps to confirm whether they are benign or not. I spoke to my friend about it and she asked me to go for a detoxification programme. Everyday, I took 60 Crypto tablets and 3 Soft Gels for 5 weeks before my surgery. A day before my surgery, my doctor checked my breasts and was surprised to find that one lump in my left breast had disappeared. She requested that I repeat image scanning and it was confirmed that all the remaining 3 lumps in both my breasts had decreased in size. I still went ahead to remove the 3 remaining lumps and thank God, the biopsies confirmed that all the lumps were benign fibrocystic and no malignancy is seen. With my personal testimonial, I highly recommend Crypto to everyone to maintain wellness or to help fight sickness. I am proud to mention that my husband and son have also benefited from the above products for their wellness.