Respiratory Complications

A testimony section dedicated to those who suffered from respiratory related conditions, whose conditions had improved with the use of Crypto PPARs.


Chronic Sinusitis

Name : Gerard Goh

Age : 25

Sex : Male

Since young, I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis compounded with allergic rhinitis and very high allergy to dust. Nasal congestion, facial pain (around eye sockets and behind the cheekbones), headaches, difficulty in breathing and loss of sense of smell. These are just some of the problems I have to deal with on a regular basis. Even with the aid of medication (anti-histamines, steroid nasal sprays), I still suffer from complications once every 2-3 months.

However, after taking crypto, I have only suffered from sinusitis once in the past 8 months and I recovered in just 4 - 5 days instead of the normal 1 - 2 weeks. I also noticed that the tolerance level for my allergy has improved.



Name : Wong Wing Fatt

Age : 53

Sex : Male

I have been suffering from Sinus for 20 years. The attacked happened 4 -5 times in a week, making me very uncomfortable. I started to consume Crypto on 12-05-2002. I took 5 tablets in the morning and 5 tablets at night. After consuming it for a week, I felt dizzy and warm and I have backache. Nevertheless, I still continued to consume it. This is because I have been told these are systems of reverse healing. These problems happened until I finished the whole bottle of Crypto. A miracle presented itself when I finished the first bottle of Crypto, my Sinus condition has improved up to 80% which it only happened once or twice a week. The most surprising thing is I stopped feeling any Sinus infection while I am exposed to a polluted environment. I believe that by consuming Crypto consistently, it would help decrease my Sinus and make me healthy. Thanks to Crypto.



Name : Low Foo Yong

Age : 70

Sex : Female

I have been suffering from goiter (swollen thyroid) for the past 10 years. Due to my heart problem, I was advised by the doctor not to go for an operation. All these years, I was suffering and was very upset. In May 2004, I came to know about Crypto and started to take 5 tablets in the morning and 5 tablets in the evening. One week later, I increased my consumption to 20 tablets per day. From the third week onwards, I consumed 30 tablets of Crypto everyday. Initially, I felt very tired. Yet I still continued taking it since this was the healing crisis that I had to go through. Two months later, I was so happy to find that size of my goiter had reduced and my bowel movement had improved. Thus, my confidence in Crypto has increased tremendously. Thank you Crypto!



Name : Goay Hee Yeap

Age : 6 ½ Months

Sex : Male

I am writing on behalf of my son, Hee Yeap, aged 6 ½ months. Since he was born, he had a lot of phlegm in his nose thus causing breathing difficulties forcing him to breathe through his mouth. In addition, his stomach was always full of gas. With these problems he could not sleep well at night. My husband and I had tried many traditional therapies to help him but in vain. We felt particularly worried for him. When my friend noticed my son’s condition, she kindly introduced Crypto to me. Since March of 2003, Hee Yeap has consumed Crypto powder (equivalent to one tablet of Crypto) once a day, mixed with milk. One midnight, after taking Crypto for two weeks, Hee Yeap suddenly started crying and coughing until he spat out greenish phlegm. This incident happened two times within two weeks. Anyway, I still allowed him to continue the consumption of Cyrpto powder since I was told that it was actually a normal part of the reverse healing process. My patience paid off after one month. Hee Yeap’s breathing condition became normal. The phlegm does not block his nose and he does not suffer from breathing and bloating problems anymore. He can now sleep soundly at night. Thanks to Crypto!



Name : Jeevan Sudesh

Age : 3 ½ Months

Sex : Male

I am writing on behalf of my grandson, Jeevan Sudesh. He used to have a lot of phlegm and he doctor prescribed him medicine but unfortunately it didn’t work and later the doctor advised us to go for suction on a regular basis. This treatment was a very painful exercise. Each time he had phlegm, he would become short tempered and would also be shivering. His condition made our whole family very sad and worried. On Nov 2001, he started to consume 10 tablets of Crypto in the morning and 10 tablets at night. My grandson was having flu and a slight fever at the early stage of consumption and it surprised me that the phlegm eventually came out of his nose. Since then, his health has improved tremendously. Crypto is helping my grandson become happier, healthier and more intelligent too. It has overcome out families worries. Crypto is so wonderful! Thank you Crypto!