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Name : Meenatchi Sundari

Age : 76

Sex : Female

Before taking Crypto, I was very weak and used to have leg cramps two or three times a night and bad cough during the night. Those problems had disturbed my sleep so badly that I felt tired during the afternoon and lethargic during the day. Besides that sometimes I had constipation problems and pains in my right arm. Things are much better now after consuming the organic food. I don’t have leg cramps during the night and my cough has cleared completely. I can sleep very well and no longer feel tired and lethargic during the day. The pains in my right arm and shoulder have vanished and I do not have constipation any more. I am much more energetic now and can do some housework – thanks to Crypto!



Name : Main Swee Kiew

Age : 37

Sex : Female

Ever since January 1998, I always had bloating sensations due to an indigestion problem. Besides that, I used to suffer from insomnia and I didn't sleep well. I couldn't find the solution to the problems despite all kinds of western or oriental treatments that I had tried. Later, I was introduced to Crypto by a friend of mine and after 3 months of consuming Crypto, I no longer have indigestion and constipation problems. I would like to forward my greatest gratitude to Crypto for bringing me better health and a happier life. Thank you.