Nervous System Conditions

A testimony section dedicated to those who suffered from a nervous complication or had prior nerve damage, and had shown improvement with the use of Crypto PPARs. 


Uncommon Disease

Name : Ewe Lean Wah (Cindy)

Age : 39

Sex : Female

10 years ago, I delivered my first baby boy. When he was 4 months old, I suffered from an uncommon disease. It caused my beautiful face to cramp and my eyes to close. The doctor told me that the nerve system in my brains was unbalanced and that this might be healed soon. I had visited many Western and Chinese doctors with hopes to cure my disease but all my efforts were in vain. I have suffered from this disease for about 10 years. When I was tense and nervous, my illness worsened, and my face would cramp, my eyes couldn’t open and my hands and feet would be beyond my control. I was depressed and helpless. In August 2001, my life changed when my friend recommended Crypto to me. I consumed 10 tablets per day. A few days later, a miracle happened – my eyes could open for 4 – 5 hours a day and my face wasn’t cramped. I was so happy and continued taking this product. In May 2002, I increased the consumption of Crypto to 30 tablets. My eyes can now open for a whole day. That’s really great! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Robert & Alison who have given me hope.



Name : Phang Hooi Geok

Age : 62

Sex : Female 

My name is Phang Hooi Geok. I am 62 years. I’ve been suffering from Parkinson’s Disease for as long as I can remember. I’d been eating lots of vitamins and taking medicine which cost me around RM 700 – RM 800 monthly. Before consuming Crypto, my tongue, eyes and ears did not function properly. I couldn’t even pronounce words properly. Even walking was hard. But now, after 4 months of consuming 10 tablets of Crypto in the morning and 10 tablets in the evening, my tongue, eyes and ears have started functioning better. I am even able to walk with less discomfort. Thank you Crypto!




Name : Mohd. Haris Bin Mohd. Nor

Age : 27

Sex : Male

My son had a very serious accident, which cost him one eye (removed) and total blindness in the other, besides numerous other injuries. His survival was indeed miraculous, but his general health was bad and he was always temperamental, because he was helpless. A friend, one day, introduced me to Crypto. Since then, Mohd Haris has been consuming 30 tablets of Crypto everyday. After 3 weeks of consumption, he has started regaining some vision and his general health has improved remarkably and he is in high spirits. I shall continue giving Haris Crypto for as long as it takes for I have faith in it.

~(Recorded by father)~