Multiple Health Complications

A testimony section dedicated to those who suffered a mix of multiple conditions, who recovered with the use of Crypto PPARs.


Diabetes, Hypertension

Name : Che Habdullah Bin Yusoff

Age : 58

Sex : Male

I am a diabetic patient and I also suffer from hypertension. My eyesight has been affected seriously by diabetes and I was almost blind. These two diseases also made my body became very weak. Due to my health problems, I couldn’t do anything much. Since then, I was frustrated, easily agitated and I always isolated myself from other people. Luckily, I was introduced to Crypto by my friend. After taking it, I became healthier and cheerful. My eyesight is almost fully recovered now and my glucose level has dropped from 24.2mmol/L to 6.8mmol/L. Besides that, my blood pressure is normal and I feel more energetic now. Although I have not recovered 100% yet, I am increasingly getting better. I would like to thank Allah for Crypto.


Gastric, Vaginal Discharge, Cystitis, Constipation

Name : Shirley Tham Lai Wah

Age : 39

Sex : Female

For the past 20 years, I had gastric, sourness in my stomach and gas in my stomach. Every time my gastric hurts, I had to see a doctor and take some medicines, I was not allowed to eat sour or spicy food. Other than that, I was having a lot of vaginal discharge and suffering from cystitis. No medicine could help me. I also had this constipation and was only able to defecate every 4 to 7 days. Therefore, I needed to take laxatives to solve this constipation problem. On April 2004, Kim Khew and Cindy adviced me to consume Crypto (5 tablets in the morning and 5 tablets at night) and Fibro Fruit (1 sachet per day). After 10 days, I found a lump in my breast. I was then advised to consume 10 tablets of Crypto in the morning and 10 tablets at night. Ten days later, the lump in my breast was gone and my menstruation was in order. At the same time, my constipation problem decreased. One month later, my gastric problems came back. Usually, I would go to see the doctor and also take some painkillers but this time, the pain has decrease after consuming Crypto. After 3 months, all three of my problems disappeared. My gastric problem has not surfaced again. I would like to thank this product as it has helped me regain my health.


Gastric, Constipation

Name : Tsau Yit Chan

Age : 47

Sex : Female

I have been suffering from gastric and have been on gastric medication for more than 10 years. Due to this problem, I was not able to eat sour food and most fruits, such as pineapples, oranges etc. If I did so, I would have terrible gastric pains and then, had to take medication. Since I could only eat a limited range of fruits, I was also having constipation. I was only able to go to the toilet about 5 times a week and had a hard time finishing the task. Besides that, there were pigmentations on my face and I was always feeling lethargic. During August 2003, I was introduced by Sophia to take Crypto. I consume 75 tablets of Crypto per day. Besides that, I also consume 2 bottles of Crypto extract per week. For the first two months, I was having sore throat, mouth ulcers and pimples erupting on my face. Anyway, I didn't stop because I understood that it was part of a detoxification process. After one month, there was a great improvement in my health. I was surprised that I could eat fruits like green apple and orange without any discomfort. I am able to go to the toilet everyday and my energy level is excellent. After a few months, the pigmentations on my face have also decreased. Now, I've totally stopped my gastric medications and I'm able to eat all kinds of fruits. Crypto is fantastic!


Diabetes, Tumor

Name : Lee Kow

Age : 53

Sex : Male

I am 55 years old. I have been suffering from diabetes, hypertension and chronic ringing in the ears. I felt tired, having headaches and feeling sleepy. In February of 2003, my ear was inflamed and I also had headaches. After a check-up by the doctor, I was told that there was a tumor in my ear and that I had to undergo an operation . I was afraid and at the same time I was facing financial problems. When my son knew about my condition, he bought a bottle of Crypto for me and advised me to consume it. For the sake of my own health, I took 5 tablets in the morning and 5 tablets at night. One week later, I eliminated a lot of feces and waste. There was a little bit of numbness. Later, my energy level became better. One month later, I went back to the doctor or a check-up. The doctor was shocked and asked me: How come your tumor has disappeared? I felt very happy because Crypto has made me healthier. At the same time, my diabetes and hypertension conditions have also improved. I am very glad to share my experiences with all of you because I believe that Crypto really brings a lot of benefits to us. 


High Blood Pressure, Kidney Problem, Rheumatoid Arthristis, Skin Disease

Name : G. Paramanathan

Age : 64

Sex : Male

I have been suffering from Diabetes Mellitus for 32 years. Before taking Crypto, my glucose level was around 19-20 mmol/L. Due to this disease, I lost my eye sight. Besides that, I also faced a lot of other health problems, high blood pressure (180/110), kidney problem, skin problem and Rheumatoid arthritis. I had to take a lot of drugs in order to control my diseases. In 1999, my friend introduced Crypto to me. Since then I have been consuming 20-25 tablets of Crypto twice per day, once in the morning and once at night. After two months, my blood pressure become normal (121/100) and my health condition improved. In 2001, the doctor has stopped all my medication since I don’t need them anymore! My glucose level has become normal (5-6 mmol/L). I also found a good improvement in my skin. All my aches have disappeared! Now, I am still taking Crypto and other products. It’s very impressive that Crypto can make me healthier. I no longer feel tired and I can enjoy life better.


Liver Problem, Eyesight Problem

Name : Herbert Loh

Age : 50

Sex : Male

I started to consume Crypto 3 years ago. After 2 or 3 months I stopped consuming it when I felt better. 4 months ago, I started again and I did not stop after that. So many amazing things happened to my body. First I don’t get fatigue even after 15 hours of work. Then I realized I don’t get hungry so often. Previously, I eat 5 times a day. On New Year eve of 2002, we had a heavy session in celebrating the New Year while drinking beers & whisky. The next day, I expected a hangover. But no, it did not happen! Now, I think my liver has become stronger. Recently, I went to a book shop. Only after picking out a book, did I realize that I had left my glasses at my friend’s house. Anyway, I tried to read without my glasses and surprisingly, I could read! With such personal experiences, I decided to share them with as many people as possible and hope to earn some income along the way. Thank you Crypto!


Coughing, Headache

Name : R.Soriamoorthi

Age : 62

Sex : Male

I am 62 years old and having problems because my age is catching up with me. I used to cough very badly during humid weather especially in the mornings and nights. Then it got worse. I started getting pains all over my body and constant headaches. My brief walks around the neighborhood were shortened due to my tiredness and short breath. My daughter came to know about my condition and advised me to try Crypto. After taking it for 2 weeks, I started feeling drowsy while walking. This was the reverse healing that I was told about. My patience paid off after 4 days. Not only did my drowsiness go away but also the cough, body aches especially at the legs and hips and the headaches. Everyone who thinks they need something to boost their health should try Crypto. Now, instead of tiring easily, I feel stronger & healthier during my walks.


Diabetes, Asthma, Constipation, High Uric Acid, Abnormal Menstrual Cycle

Name : Solehah Binti Ahmad

Age : 64

Sex : Female

I have been having diabetes with a blood sugar reading of 27.8 mmol/L. my eyesight was at risk as I couldn’t see clearly. Other than that, I also had asthma, constipation and high uric acid that reached 602 mmol/L, causing pain in my knee. My menstruation is not normal too as one time, my period was six months apart. I started consuming 10 tablets of Crypto each day and each night. After 2 months, I went for a test. This time, the result showed that my sugar reading has decreased from 27.8 mmol/L to 6.2 mmol/L which was a level of normality. My eyesight has improved and my asthma has also decreased. Previously, the asthma attacked me twice a month, it didn’t attack me during these two months while I am taking Crypto. Also, I no longer have constipation. Other than that, my uric acid has also dropped to 349 mmol/L and my knee is stronger now. My menstruation now back to normal – that is, once a month. It’s all thanks to Crypto.


Gout, Over Weight, Migraine

Name : Cindy Lee Liew Eng

Age : 45

Sex : Female

I’ve been having Gout for 3 years now. During these 3 years, when I walk up and down the stairs, my knees were very painful. My legs, hands and the neck also felt like pins and needles. Other than that, I’ve also been having a Migraine for about 20 years now. Sometimes, the pain is so unbearable that I feel like banging my head on the wall. Because of this, I always had to take painkillers. I also had vaginal discharge and was overweight. From April 2004, I started consuming Crypto (5 tablets in the morning and 5 at night). After a month, my body underwent major changes. When I walked up and down the stairs now, I didn’t feel any pain in my knees anymore. My legs, hands and neck also didn’t hurt anymore. What makes me really happy is that my Migraine hasn’t occurred since then. It has also helped me to reduce some of my weight. My muscles are now better toned than before. My waist has also reduced in size. Now I can wear the clothes I like.


Diabetes, Weak Heart, Eczema

Name : Leemoh Maming

Age : 50

Sex : Female

My name is Leemoh Maming and I am 50 years old. I have been having diabetes, weak heart and eczema for the past 5 years. My blood sugar level was at 19-23 mmol/L. My heart was getting weaker and I felt tired easily. In November 2003, I was admitted into the hospital due to being extremely tired and my vision was getting blurred. Then, I was only able to take my bath in the afternoon as I tire easily and suffer from shortness of breath. I also had to use warm water to take my bath in order to reduce the itchiness that I feel from eczema. I was introduced to Crypto by a friend to me with my diabetes. After a week of consuming Crypto, my blood sugar level dropped from 23.8 mmol/L to 14.4mmol/L. I am still consuming Crypto now and my sugar level is now 6-7.2 mmol/L. other obvious changes that I feel after consuming Crypto is that my body no longer feels tired and instead, I feel more energetic and my eyesight is now clearer and better. I also no longer feel any itchiness. What makes me happy is that I can take my bath in the morning in room temperature water now.


Irregular menstrual cycle, High Blood Pressure

Name : Puan Ainon Abidin

Age : 54

Sex : Female

Previously, my family and I had been using a lot of health products but there was no improvement. With those products, I still felt tired and sleepy easily. What worried me most was my daughter’s irregular menstrual cycles. Sometimes they could be once in 4 to 7 months. Furthermore, the period will last for about a month. At the same times, my husband was suffering from high blood pressure too. After consuming Crypto, I feel energetic and I do not feel sleepy easily. I also find that I could wake up easier in the morning compared to previously. I am pleased too, as my daughter’s menstrual cycle is back to normal i.e. once a month and my husband’s high blood pressure has also dropped back to normal reading. My family and I will continue consuming this fabulous product because it is so helpful to us.


Diabetes, High Blood Pressure

Name : Ismail Bin Jusoh 

Age : 58

Sex : Male

My name is Ismail bin Jusoh. I am 58 years old. Before taking Crypto, I was always suffereing from dizziness, fatigue, frequent urination, thirst and insomnia. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. During my last glucose test, the doctor told me that my blood glucose level was very high – 18.7 mmol/L. I had tried to control my diet, it didn’t work. On 15 December 2003, I was introduced by En. Azman to Crypto. He suggested that I try it. After taking 30 tablets of Crypto everyday (10 tablets for every morning, afternoon and night) for 3 days, I went for a glucose test. The doctor told me that my glucose level has reduced to 5.8 mmol/L. From my own experiences, I would like to advise anyone who has diabetes, high blood pressure or other diseases to try this wonderful product.