Blood Conditions

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A testimony section dedicated to those who were suffering from blood disorders or conditions, and had shown improvements in health with the use of Crypto PPARs.



Name : Cheng Yu Hon 

Age : 10

Sex : Male

When I was 3 months old, my bone is not able to produce blood by itself, and the doctor confirmed that it is Thalassaemia. Every two weeks to one month I have to go to the hospital for transfusion of blood; otherwise I will feel tired and lethargic. After consuming the products for 1 1/2 months, my health has improved, and the most encouraging things is that my blood level have gone up and the time for me to go for the blood transfusion has extended. Now, I don't feel tired easily and I never have this good feeling before. Thanks to Crypto!



Name : Yap Chee Mung

Age : 35

Sex : Male

When I was 6 months old, I was diagnosed with Hemophilia, which is a hereditary hemorrhagic diathesis due to deficiency of a blodd coagulation factor. Every 3 weeks to a month I had to go to the hospital for an injection of hemostat. Otherwise, I would feel painful internally. Besides that, I also need immediate attention and admission to the hospital in case of any injuries. Therefore, I am holding a special document, which was issued by The Hemophilia Society of Malaysia. On Oct 2002, I started to consume Crypto, I took 5 tablets in the morning and 5 tablets in the evening. Within 2 weeks, I felt my health condition had improved and my gums had also stopped bleeding as it used to before. After consuming Crypto for a period of 3 months, I was not injected any hemostat because I didn’t feel painful due to internal bleeding. I will continue to consume Crypto.



Name : Goh Khoon Voon

Age : 9

Sex : Male

My son is 9 years old. He has been suffering from Thalassaemia for 8 years. All these years, he had to go to the hospital every month for blood transfusion and he takes 5 injections every week to eliminate the excessive iron in his body. I was so sad to see my son suffer. We had tried a lot of medicines and herbs but they didn't work. My son was always fatigue, exhausted lacking appetite and having pains in his legs. Since February 2004, my son started to consume 30 tablets of Crypto everyday. Although he still has to go for blood transfusion every month, he has become more energetic, cheerful, active and is having a better appetite now. The pains in his legs are also gone too. His immune system is stronger. He seldom gets fever that he used to get it often before. Therefore, I love to share that Crypto not only provides our children with rich nutrients and oxygen, but it is also a food that repairs and improves their entire system. I am sincerely wishing that all of you can try Crypto. I am sure you will like it as much as I do.



Name : Ron Lee

Age : 30

Sex : Male

In 2004, my doctor diagnosed me with hypertension due to working stress & family inheritance. I was given medication to control the blood pressure. Soon after in 2006, things get worst as I start to get insomnia, lack of concentration, lost of appetite, gastric problems & my blood pressure is still as high.

There was even once that I was sent to hospital A&E by my family and was suspected for mild stroke. All my friends told me that I looked older than what I should be. I started to take many types of health supplement, but the improvement is minimal.

It was only on mid 2009, when I came across Crypto. I was skeptical at first when my friend introduced Crypto to me as I dare to say that I had tried most of the well known health products for at least 3 – 5 years, from famous MLM companies and pharmacies, but not much improvement.

Out of courtesy, I bought 3 bottles from my friend. I just took the recommended dosage. There wasn’t much body recovery effects on me except for insomnia and gastric irritation. But I felt that I was more fresh the next morning.

Things start to improve for me after 2 weeks of consumption. I don’t have insomnia, my appetite went back to normal, I look more fresh and at least look younger than before. And the best thing is that, from moderate high blood pressure, now my blood pressure is mild after 6 months of consumption.

I have to say that Crypto is really one of the best health food in the world and I really want to thank my friend, June for introducing such a wonderful product to me.



Name : Lim Sok Keat (Kenny)

Age : 50

Sex : Male

I did a blood examination at a local clinical laboratory in December last year. The medical report showed that I had moderate hyper-triglyceridaecia. Hence I started taking 5 tablets of Crypto everyday. After 3 months of consuming the products, I had another blood examination and this time the medical report showed that the triglyceride level dropped from 4.8mmol/L to 2.0mmol/L. That means now my triglyceride level is in the normal range. (Normal reading for triglyceride level: less than 2.3mmol/L).