Blood Circulatory Problems

A testimony section dedicated to those who were suffering from blood circulatory issues, and recovered with the use of Crypto PPARs.



Name : Christopher Newton De Souza

Age : 53

Sex : Male

I had a stroke in June 2003 and was on medication. However until May 2004, I had numbness on left side of my body and in my fingers, and I felt very weak. I could hardly walk 50 meters without taking a breather. Then in May, I was introduced to Crypto by a friend of my family. I started taking 10 tablets in the morning and 10 tablets in the evening for the first week, then increasing to 20 tablets each time in the following weeks of the first month. After 3 days of consuming, I began to feel a sensation in my fingers and gradually after 1 month’s consumption all my feelings were back. I then stopped all my medication, just taking 20 tablets of Crypto daily. Now after 3 months of consumption, I am able to take very long walks without feeling fatigue and have begun slow jogging. Crypto certainly has made the difference.


Heart Disease

Name : Hashim Bin Mehat

Age : 53

Sex : Female

I have been diagnosed with a heart disease by a doctor one year ago. From that moment, I have been taking medicine given by the doctor. Due to this disease, I got tired easily and was unable to carry out heavy tasks. I even had difficulties in performing simple activities. Since 17th January 2004, I started taking Crypto – 10 tablets in the morning and 10 tablets at night. After one week, I felt some improvement on my health. I managed to work on some light tasks such as sweeping and other household chores. I’m also more likely to perspire when I’m doing housework. I feel better now. I believe Crypto can help me recover from this disease. I will continue taking it for the sake of my health. I will also introduce this wonderful product to my friends who are having the same problem. Thank you, Crypto.


High Level of Cholesterol

Name : Chin Fa Kiong

Age : 38

Sex : Male

I did a blood test at a local clinical laboratory for cholesterol. The medical report showed that I had a high level of cholesterol. The level of triglycerides was more than 3.6 mmol/L and the LDL level reached to 3.8 mmol/L. furthermore, I also suffered from bladder problems. In fact my bladder was infected twice 2 years ago. I started to consume Crypto on 26 April 2002, I took 5 tablets and slowly increased them to 20 tablets in the morning and night daily. Although my urine bladder was painful for 3-4 days at the early stage of consumption, the pain has disappeared after that. After 4 weeks of cholesterol level. Now, I feel much better and more energetic. Thank you Crypto!