About Us

About Us

PPARs Century Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Crypto PPARs Sdn Bhd) was recently founded in April, 2010 as the OFFICIAL marketing arms of International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (ICBC) Taiwan with the ultimate founding objectives in providing the general publics the AFFORDABILITY access into the latest healthcare product currently available ONLY in technologically advance countries like the United States, Britain and Germany; especially in the arena of GENETICS Technology.

In PPARs Century, we believed that the general publics has the rights to gain access into all this products and we are COMMITTED to ensures that we provide the best healthcare products available at an AFFORDABLE price for everyone to enjoy great health and wellness.



As the saying goes, “To solve a problem effectively, we need to know the root cause”,

Genes make up all the information stored in our body, it contains the blueprint to creating cells and everything else inside us. Hence our genes determine how long we live a healthy life. Genetic damage is what causes many of our health problems.
Through genetic repair we can target the root causes of diseases and sicknesses in our body and that is what Crypto PPARs was designed for.



Our vision is to "Spread the TRUTH; CURE to ROOTS" of sickness and diseases suffered by mankind. This is because; in Crypto PPARs; we BELIEVED that man SHALL DIE of OLD AGE and NOT because of sickness and diseases.



Our Mission is to "Share & Educate the Importance of Genetic Repair to Mankind" as in line with the ultimate objective from the world Human Genome Project (HGP) as being promoted by the U.S National Health Research Institute.



Our Founder of Crypto PPARs: Prof. Dr. Wang Shun Te



Prof. Dr. Wang Shun Te, the founder of International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co., Ltd (ICBC) Taiwan, with experiences of more than thirty years in algae researches has gone through numerous hardships and efforts since 1990 in order to nurture the most purified and the most precious Cryptomonadales. 



Prof. Dr. Wang developed his own unique strain of algae Chlorella Sorokiana (W87-10). His epoh-making strain is the subject of intensive research by the National Health Research Institute of Taiwan, and has been featured as a solution to diabetes and blood cholesterol by the Taiwanese media. Crypto PPARs is the first algae product to receive a “Health Food” certification from the government of Taiwan, with therapeutic claims of reducing blood cholesterol.

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